The Streamlined Solutions Course

Gain control of your time stuff & space


Do you like to do-it-yourself? Are looking for an inexpensive way to breakthrough the overwhelm so you can gain control of your time, stuff, and space?


If that’s you, The Streamlined Solutions Course is the fastest and easiest way to get started today!


I’ve created 3 courses: The Streamlined Clutter Solution, The Streamlined Time Solution and The Streamlined Paper Solution so you can simplify the areas people most often struggle with: clutter, time, and paper.


Get the full course -  all 3 for $200 ($100 savings)

What People Are Saying

Before working through Miriam's system I had systems in place yet I seemed to always be struggling with clutter, time and paper, which would leave me frustrated.  As a business owner, I really wanted to have a streamlined system that worked for me, make me feel good and had me being productive.  After I completed the Streamlined System I was able to finally get my home and office clutter-free, arrange my time for optimal productivity and get rid of all those pesky papers that were driving me crazy. Miriam's system is simple and easy to use.  She will have you streamlined in no time.  The steps are fun to take, her teachings are easy to learn and you will be seeing results in no time.  In less than one week I was seeing results that I hadn't seen before and I can see myself finally staying streamlined/organized for good!  –Kim Ravida of Kim Ravida Coaching

Not too long ago I downsized from a house with a full basement to a small condo with no storage.  So, YES, I have definitely gotten caught up in clutter and have "paper" multiplying like bunnies. The content you shared in each of the modules is clear, precise and easy to implement. The ideas are practical and could be used by anyone. Also, I appreciated your practical examples such as grocery store shopping, including the driving, putting away items.. –Eleni

All 3 Streamlined Solutions

Know where to start so you can gain control of your time stuff & space.


The MtO Money Back Guarantee…

If you honestly implement and consistently apply the systems and solutions provided by More than Organized, and still haven’t learned how to take action on your goals, then I will personally refund your investment. You have my word.

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