Gain Control of Your Time Stuff & Space

Streamline Your Work Flow


Would you like to:

  • Respond with ease to opportunities in an instant because you are no longer overwhelmed.
  • Work more effectively and quickly accomplish the tasks that will bring in the money because your space is designed with work flow in mind.
  • Create and work within YOUR ideal schedule because rescheduling is an incredible waste of time and energy.
  • Design systems for routine paperwork because knowing what to do with the paper keeps the desk clear enough for ideas to develop.
  • Getting the right things done at the right time because momentum moves you forward.
  • Recognize relevant information & keep it handy so you can find it when you need it
  • Inject excitement and creativity into your day instead of overwhelm so you can be more peaceful and productive
  • Save hours every week so you can…
  • Welcome simplicity in your work so you can experience delightful days!



People have experienced big changes as a result of working with More than Organized. Here is what they are saying…

More than Organized is an incredible service. I highly recommend investing the money to allow the time to be more creative and generate more money, joy, and opportunity in your life than a dysfunctional office. More than Organized was a perfect way for me to enhance my life and grow my career. - Emily Darnell-Nunez

Miriam came up with ideas of how to make my home office more manageable than I ever would have dreamed. –Kim Kirmmse Toth

The desk mess has been organized, streamlined, and a process has taken root and is working well. It was a great step in the right direction, cleaning the slate for several aspects of my life in the new year. --Forrest

For me, the biggest shift is knowing how and what to do to keep my office functioning well, which frees up my time and energy so I can focus on doing what I love and not having my work flow slow me down. --Jenna

Streamline Your Work Flow

This program will help you transform your mindset, routines, and space so you can easily identify your priorities and reveal hours to use for fun and profit, when you know what to work on and when.


The MtO Money Back Guarantee…

If you attend all the classes and honestly implement and consistently apply the systems and solutions provided by More than Organized, and still haven’t experienced less overwhelm and more clarity, then I will personally refund your investment. You have my word.

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