The Streamlined Clutter Solution

Gain control of your stuff and space

Clutter can be overwhelming. The Streamlined Clutter Solution will guide you through figuring out where to start and easy methods for creating the systems for managing your clutter – no matter what kind – as you make the decisions about what to keep.


I’ve included all my best tricks for making those decisions too. The system is designed to be customizable and adaptable, so, it will work for you for a lifetime.


Learn new ways of relating to your stuff that make it easy to maintain forever.

This course is for you, if you want to learn…

What People Are Saying

Miriam is quite good and very well versed in organizational training if we who have no clue how to do it. She is affable and does not make you do what she wants, she teaches you how to make decisions. -Edie C.

I have cleared over 30 items from my closet and have set aside time next Saturday to clear out the items from the garage and get them donated. A huge shift has taken place in my energy and I know that I will be reaping the benefits for years to come. -Elissa C.

The Streamlined Clutter Solution

Gain control of your stuff and space


The MtO Money Back Guarantee…

If you honestly implement and consistently apply the systems and solutions provided by More than Organized, and still haven’t learned how to take action on your goals, then I will personally refund your investment. You have my word.

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